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LifeExtension 5-LOX Inhibitor with AprèsFlex®

125,00 lei
The compounds in 5-LOX Inhibitor with AprèsFlex® can:
  • Support a healthy inflammatory response
  • Promote joint and arterial health
  • Help maintain a healthy cell division
  Boswellia is an extract in which compounds are shown to inhibit inflammatory factors to support joint and arterial health. This supplement contains standardized Boswellia serrata, AprèsFlex®, that can absorb 52% better standard boswellia extracts.

LifeExtension Advanced Milk Thistle, 120 softgels

120,00 lei
The ingredients in Silymarin, found in Advanced Milk Thistle, can:
  • Promote normal liver function and supports detoxification pathways
  • Scavenge the body for free radicals
  • Support healthy DNA function
Advanced Milk Thistle can support normal liver health and function, scavenge the body for free radicals, and supports healthy DNA function.

LifeExtension Advanced Milk Thistle, 60 softgels

160,00 lei
The formula of Milk can:
  • Provide standardized nutrients to promote liver function & health
  • Help maintain the body’s natural detoxification process
  • Promote healthy cell division within the liver
  • Support absorption of active compounds into the bloodstream
Milk thistle compounds can support liver health and phospholipids promote their absorption for enhanced health support.

LifeExtension Arginine Ornithine Powder

125,00 lei
The formula of Arginine Ornithine Powder can:
  • Support healthy muscle recovery
  • Help promote muscle mass
  • Support a healthy immune response
  • Encourage healthy endothelial function
  • Help maintain already-healthy blood pressure levels
  Exercising regularly promotes whole-body health and longevity, but muscle soreness can make it difficult to maintain an exercise routine. The amino acids in Arginine Ornithine Powder have been shown to support muscle mass, health and recovery after exercise — and have other potent whole-body health benefits as well. Arginine and ornithine are protein-building amino acids that promote muscle strength and recovery after exercise.

LifeExtension Arthro-Immune Joint Support

160,00 lei
The active ingredients in Arthro-Immune Joint Support can:
  • Promote joint health & comfort with a mix of curcumin and andrographis
  • Help inhibit inflammatory factors to support joint health
  • Encourage comfortable joint function
  • Contain clinically studied plant extracts
  • Fight free radicals and oxidative stress
Maintaining joint health and comfort is important for supporting overall health - especially as your age progresses. Arthro-Immune Joint Support delivers 150 mg of PARACTIN® (Andrographis paniculata) extract and 250 mg of Curcumin Elite™ extract from turmeric root to support joint health, inhibit oxidative stress and fight inflammatory factors.

LifeExtension ArthroMax® Advanced with NT2 Collagen™ & AprèsFlex®

165,00 lei
The ingredients in ArthroMax® Advanced with NT2 Collagen™ & AprèsFlex® can:
  • Offer better absorption than traditional Boswellia
  • Promote joint & connective tissue health
  • Help inhibit inflammatory factors to support joint health and comfort
  • Support youthful mobility & help relieve minor joint discomfort
ArthroMax® Advanced with NT2 Collagen™ & AprèsFlex® is a next-generation, multi-nutrient formula based on the latest research. This joint health supplement can promote your range of motion, joint comfort and support joint health with innovative ingredients like type II collagen, Boswellia, glucosamine, and boron.

LifeExtension ArthroMax® Elite

160,00 lei
The ingredients in ArthroMax® Elite:
  • Can inhibit factors that encourage inflammation (pro-inflammatory factors) in the joints
  • Can support and maintain healthy cartilage tissue and ease of motion
  • Has a triple action formula for complete joint comfort and support
The ArthroMax® Elite formula contains a unique combination of three individual herbal extracts among joint supplements that together can support joint health for freedom of movement, preventing joint stiffness and also promote general joint comfort.

LifeExtension Ashwagandha Plus Calm & Focus

150,00 lei
The formula of Ashwagandha Plus Calm & Focus can:
  • Encourage calm, focus, and attention
  • Support a healthy response to daily stress
  • Promote short-term memory and concentration
  • Support a state of emotional well-being
  • Help maintain already-healthy cortisol levels
Ashwagandha Plus Calm & Focus contains a combination of clinically studied ashwagandha to support relaxation and spearmint extracts to help sharpen your concentration — so you can stay collected when facing pressure and tackle your day!

LifeExtension Bio-Festin

75,00 lei
The active ingredients in Bio-Fisetin can:
  • Fight for cellular health and longevity
  • Maximize fisetin bioavailability with the special fenugreek fiber coating
  • Support brain health and protection of your brain functions
  • Help to protect eye and kidney health
  Fisetin is brought to you by nature. It has many potential health benefits, such as anti-aging and brain-support properties.

LifeExtension Body Trim and Appetite Control

150,00 lei
The formula of Body Trim & Appetite Control can:
  • Help control appetite with Metabolaid® lemon verbena & hibiscus
  • Encourage satiety to resist overeating and stick to your healthy diet
  • Offer ingredients that showed up to 5% total weight loss (with diet and exercise)
  • Provide a convenient once-a-day vegetarian capsule serving
The natural plant extracts lemon verbena and hibiscus in Body Trim & Appetite Control can help you feel satisfied, so you won’t overeat and stray from your plan. The supplement comes in a convenient once-a-day vegetarian capsule.

LifeExtension Bone Restore with Vitamin K2

125,00 lei
The formula in Bone Restore with Vitamin K2:
  • Delivers 3 types of easily absorbed calcium
  • Provides vitamins D3 & K2
  • Contains patented Fruitex B® OsteoBoron® for bone strength
  • Includes zinc, manganese & silicon for healthy bone formation
Bone Restore with Vitamin K2 can help maintain bone health and strength with highly absorbable calcium, vitamins K2 and D3 and important minerals like magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, and silicon.

LifeExtension Bone Restore, 120 caps

125,00 lei
The powerful formula of Bone Restore, 120 caps can:
  • Support bone and joint strength
  • Promote healthy bone formation
  • Improve calcium absorption, thanks to vitamin D3
Most people don't take enough calcium to make up for the amounts of calcium that are lost when we age. Life Extension created Bone Restore, a powerful formula that provides three types of highly absorbable calcium, along with a variety of nutrients that help to absorb calcium properly, such as vitamin D3, magnesium, boron, zinc and silicon, among others.  
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