A longevity focused program that works!

Stay alive and witness the marvel that technology and the future are about to bring. The AI revolution is already here, embrace it and think about: what will AI bring to Biotech and age reversal in 50 years? Will I be around to see that? Join us and you will!

We love what we do

We live and breathe longevity. But it's not about a program, it's about a lifestyle change, it's about behavioral change it's about a change in society!

Our working process


We only act upon information. That's why everything we employ is measured in various ways. But during this process, we don't leave out the well-being and the power mind, that drives your whole way of living.


We help you optimize your healthspan and your lifespan

A complete change of lifestyle.

What makes our program unique? 

  • Data driven: we constantly measure your markers, activity, sleep, body composition and nutrients
  • We implement a custom program designed specifically for you
  • We constantly measure and adjust until we reach your optimal markers on the major longevity pillars
  • We mix DATA and AI with human presence. We act according to the data but consider the human aspect of life
  • A long-term sustainable program
  • Community: we are setting up a community of like minded people and getting together for the coolest events

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Our personalized and constantly adapted supplement program consists of carefully selected powders and pills. Tailored to your specific needs, these supplements aim to address nutritional deficiencies and support your overall health. With regular monitoring and adjustments, we ensure that you receive the precise nutrients your body requires for optimal well-being and anti-aging benefits.


At the core of our anti-aging program is personalized and constantly adapted meal planning. With the help of AI and our expert nutritionists we create tailored meal plans designed to provide you with the essential nutrients your body needs to thrive.
By incorporating a balanced and nutrient-dense diet, we support your overall health, vitality, and help combat the signs of aging from within.


Dive into a world where self-care meets science, and discover a curated selection of products and expert advice designed to elevate your skin-care routine.
From understanding your skin type to tackling specific concerns, our goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices for your skin's well-being.

Sports & Workout

Physical activity is a vital component of our anti-aging management program. Our expert trainers develop a customized sports and workout regimen tailored to your abilities and goals. Regular exercise not only improves cardiovascular health, muscle tone, and mobility but also aids in weight management. With continuous monitoring and adjustments, we ensure that your program evolves as your body does, maximizing the anti-aging benefits.


Our anti-aging program encompasses more than just physical wellness. We believe in a holistic approach that includes routine and lifestyle management. By integrating mindfulness and well-being practices into
your daily life, such as meditation, stress management, and cultivating positive habits,
we promote mental and emotional well-being. A balanced mind contributes to a youthful
and vibrant outlook on life.

Tracking & Testing

With our comprehensive tracking and testing approach, we closely monitor your biomarkers to gauge the effectiveness of your anti-aging program. Through regular assessments of key indicators such as hormone levels, cholesterol, blood sugar, and inflammation markers, we gain valuable insights into your health. This data allows us to make informed adjustments, ensuring your program is optimized for long-term anti-aging success.

Wellbeing & Community

One of the important pillars of a long, healthy and fulfilled life is the mental health. Therefore we to try to consider it and face the challenges of society, that has built a lifestyle detrimental to longevity. We address this by supporting you on a psychological level, building a community that gives us a sense of belonging, doing outdoor events and getting together. 


We employ software and AI to manage your longevity journey. This helps us support you in the best possible manner, by aggregating all the data, not just measured ones, but also from your feedback and lifestyle challenges and try to always calibrate what we provide, do or suggest for the best possible outcome for your lifespan, health-span and wellbeing.


We help you life healthier and longer. Depending on your level of dedication you can achieve a healthier life and live more than 30 years longer

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